Tuesday, 2 April 2013


In June, the Government of Uganda will yet present the 2013/14 Budget.  And in these budgets, the donor community has some contribution which contribution they can peg to among other things, good accountability.  It will be a miracle for the fraud investigators regarding the Office of the Prime Minister as well the stolen Pension funds to come up with concrete findings and to see that justice is really done.

I appeal to the donors if they really have feelings for the people of Uganda to intervene in these and ask Government to have the suspects handled by an international court.  From my understanding and imagination, I think these suspects are not free to tell exactly what transpired and how they were able to get off with such huge sums of money.  It disturbs for example to see how Cairo Bank, an International and would be reputable bank get involved in the transactions of fake Pension Beneficiaries’ accounts.  Much of the facts of these may not be got through our local courts.

It would be great if the donors can say, let these people be taken to International courts so that the truth comes out before they can commit themselves to any support to the Government of Uganda.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka    

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