Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Following a K FM Radio Talk Show, Monday, 18 March 2013, where Hon. (Dr) Miria Matembe featured; there are all the facts that the men and women have serious problems in maintaining the relationship in whatever category of marriage they may find themselves.  I am of the view that the title to the Bill is a problem which calls for its change.  2ndly, when the Bill is called Marriage and Divorce, the religious leaders come in a big way to oppose the inclusion of the co – habiting, many enjoy this relationship though out of the will of one or both parties.  The biggest percentage of relationships in Uganda is that of those people who are co – habiting, hence the law needs to address them.  Matembe went as far as saying that co – habiting is a big problem, and many who subscribe to it have actually failed to raise bride – price; the reason why the law should see bride price removed from the requirements for marriage.  It is also true that the sharing of property in case of divorce may not be as simple as assumed.  What for instance happens to a house that was built by the two at divorce yet when the children should under normal circumstances remain enjoying the shelter of the said house, and who should remain with them?

All in all, the facts at hand are that the hard economic times have made the institution (marriage) more vulnerable as financial matters have in many instances had a hand in its instability.

The law in itself may not do much.  We need to be more careful when selecting people to produce children with.  It may be no surprise that some Ugandan women may be already producing children with Sudanese many of whom are in Uganda as refugees, but simply because they have money, a woman may have little consideration for the consequences after, only to find herself in very hard circumstances, that can even involve a Cultural Shock! 

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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