Tuesday, 2 April 2013


“Yes we Can”

Buganda can make a big push in the drive for investors if it makes a few strategies.  These among others can include the following:
1)   Get a Board to run Corporate Affairs of the Kingdom with credible personalities;
2)   Start on the strategy to have a Public Limited Liability undertaking in place;
3)   Get Buganda Investment Bank in place with credible professional management not just relatives of some people;
4)   Get interested parties (local and international) to buy shares;
5)   Come up with projects that it would (Buganda) wish to have joint ventures with interested parties;
6)   Get studies undertaken on extent of the project that the Kingdom would like in place;
7)   Organize a Buganda Business Expo; where:

                       i.        Business undertakings (local and international) as well as Foreign Government representatives would be invited to attend;
                      ii.        Buganda would have its prospects exposed to the Expo participants;
                    iii.        Discussions would be given chance to strike deals.

It is true for example that the USA Chamber of Commerce would be very interested in the Expo; also the Africa – USA International Chamber of Commerce to mention just a few.  Germany has made big strides in a number of areas, Japan, name them.

The Expo organization can be enriched by a Call for Papers by people who are knowledgeable in areas where Buganda could make good business undertakings.  Cases in point may include:

    I.        Estate Development;
  II.        Crafts making;
III.        Fruit growing and Packaging after extraction;
IV.        Information & Communication Technology;
   V.        Education (Including Vocational)
VI.        Tourism;
VII.        Bio- fuels;
VIII.        Other Crop and Animal Husbandry undertakings.

Time is now to get things moving.  The past years have seen developments but many at a sails pace.  There is war on encroachment on Buganda land and the Kingdom has no resources to see say redundant land.  Many people have skills and others can have their skills upgraded for bigger business.  There is need to have a big push which could be flagged off after a successfully organized Buganda Expo to see big projects for the regional development and eventually Uganda development take off.

The Expo could have booklets published, videos made and all sorts of promotion work to see to it that partners can be induced to take on investments with Buganda Investment Corporation as well as Buganda Investment Bank.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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