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Contact Information
First Name: Willy
Last Name: Kituuka
Email Address:
Country: Uganda

Organisation Information
Name: Good Governance Practice (GOGOP)
District: Wakiso District
Country: Uganda

Brief description of our organization
Good Governance Practice (GOGOP) is registered as a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) at Wakiso District, No.WCBO/117/08.  GOGOP was founded to help bridge the gap in governance issues at the grassroots in the community through the promotion of Good Governance with emphasis on Participatory Governance within Wakiso District.  It is to bring on board all categories of people within the district that is women, men, youths, school children, the disabled, and schools, local leaders to mention but a few so that they are all beneficiaries through learning and participating hence be part and parcel to seeing to their community welfare.

Willy Kituuka
B.A (Hons) Economics/Rural Economy – Makerere University; is a Professional Banker; Practicing Journalist; Career - Guidance Practitioner/Publisher.  He is involved in Consultancy Work. Beneficiary of Africa Good Governance Program on Radio Waves and Africa Local Government Action Forum by Municipal Development Partnership (MDP) of Harare Zimbabwe

The purpose of the project
Good Governance School Clubs (GOGOC) is an initiative to add governance issues among school clubs where students/pupils will be made to appreciate what good governance is all about and how it can be practiced such that on leaving school they have an understanding of Rights issues, Human Rights, Democracy, Social Accountability, Corruption and what it entails, Participatory Governance, Decentralization, Environmental Management and Elections.

Practice makes perfect.  When students learn and also practice good governance, it is most probable that they will make responsible and accountable citizens in their communities as they endeavour to see good governance in practice.  

The problems and issues the project will address
The problem is that pupils/students leave school when academically well armed, but poorly informed about the role they have to play to see that they are properly governed.  They end up at the receiving end of what is more often than not poor service delivery.
The Clubs are to fill the gap with the help and guidance of Social Studies/Humanities teachers, the students will be enriched on what good governance is all about and how they can get to participate so that there is better resource allocation and can demand for accountability from their leaders.

Budget for the project
Allowance for 4 staff members @500,000 per month for 12 months

Workshop for 120 people including 100 teachers from 100 secondary schools, District and Ministry of Education officials and some local leaders :
             I.      Hire venue – 200,000
           II.      Meals – 6,000 x 120 = 720,000
         III.      Refund of transport  - 20,000 x 120 = 2,400,000/-


Stationery –
1)     500 copies of Club Guidelines @ 10,000/-
2)     Teaching Aids 3,000 charts @ 1,000/-

Publishing Good Governance Club Magazines
1,000 copies 9 issues @ 2,000/-

Transport to visit schools in project each 3 times
3 x 100 x 15,000/-

Office Logistics-Bank charges, telephone bills, Audit
500,000/- x 12

Evaluation process
Development of a Video on Good Governance Clubs and copies:
1.   Write manuscript content – 1,500,000/-
2.   Organize Actors -               3,000,000/-
3.   Recordings -                       2,000,000/-
4.   Copies -                             1,500,000/-

Allowance of Shs 20,000/- to patron teachers as incentive pay to see them conduct Good Governance Club activities 


Total          US $ 59,890 at 1,650/- per dollar

Period of Time – 12 months

Benefiting Locations – 100 Secondary School in the district

Good Governance School Clubs (GOGOC) is an innovation which is new in Uganda as currently there are no School Clubs with the name: Good Governance Clubs.

The idea is originating from the fact that Governance issues in Uganda are still in a mess.  Democracy is talked of but in practice there is a lot of manipulation so it is pseudo – democracy.  Corruption is the order of the day from central government to local governments where councilors are the major beneficiaries and the communities have a raw deal.  The local people are more often than not at the receiving end of decisions they have not been party to, hence there is hardly participatory involvement and hence resources are not optimally used..

Good Governance Practice (GOGOP) sees the schools as prime areas to have students practice good governance issues so that on leaving school they are well informed of the roles and demands they have to make of their leaders.

Good Governance Clubs (GOGOC) shall have School Club Guidelines (including a Constitution Format) printed.  100 secondary schools are to start off the Clubs in Wakiso district in the first year.  There shall be need for a one day workshop to get 120 people acquainted with GOGOC and how it is to work, this will include 100 teachers of humanities from the sampled schools.  These teachers shall implement the clubs formation and on a monthly basis a feedback shall be expected from the clubs and this shall be published in Good Governance Clubs' Magazine.

There is consideration of an allowance payable to one patron teacher per school involved as incentive pay to see him active in the formation and active participation of students in the clubs.

There will be the development of a Video on Good Governance Clubs which shall be sold to various parties that may start the same initiative elsewhere in Uganda.

Our staff shall visit each school at least three times during the first year to give more light on what is expected, take photos of students of the club and answer questions raised as well as make evaluation of each school club.

The Organisation Objectives are:
 To reach out to Local Governments and beneficiary communities in Wakiso District to: 
a)     Teach counselors how to manage Local Governments without corruption.
b)     Educate the local government beneficiary communities about corruption and how to fight it in local governments.
c)     Promote civic participation for good governance.
d)     Promote Good Governance Clubs in Schools.
e)     Fund raise for Local Government funding.
f)      Handle budgeting in Local Government.
g)     Introduce the concept of Participatory Governance to the communities.
h)     Undertake fundraising and resource mobilisation in local governance.
i)       Promote information and communication technology (ICT) in Local Governments and access by community.
j)      Introduce the communities to the concept of good representation to maximise returns in local governance.
k)     Monitor and evaluate projects and programmes by civic participation.
l)       Interact with organisations that have or may have a do with local governments.
m)   Raise funding to undertake various activities of the (CSO).
n)     Get appropriate policy options for promoting local economic development.
o)     Do such other lawful things as are incidental to or may be thought conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

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