Tuesday, 2 April 2013


It is unfortunate that most children up to University level have not been taught the use of search engines as a means to getting solutions to the problems they may be confronted with.  I am of the opinion that teachers should be targeted first.  May be some of the teacher are not literate enough regarding the use of computers and what is on offer.  Today, unlike those who went to school around 1980’s and before, learning has been made much easier.  It is even possible to seek answers from an expert by use of an email.  However, what disappoints is seeing a student who may even have Internet connection seeking assistance to get a solution to a problem before he/she uses the computer/Internet options.

Ah Higher School, the children should be taught appreciating the computer and emphasis should be on Introduction where they should be able to learn the copying and making of files, directories just to mention a few.  On to this the learning of typing could be incorporated as many of us take a lot of time on computer simply because we have no typing skills.

We must appreciate that the computer and various packages available have made learning much easier.  It is fascinating to realize the teaching that can be afforded on computer.  There are chances to learn from the recordings of voice in explaining some aspects as well as well written out tutorials which options students should be able to discover before they are resigned over assignments and seeking 3rd party help.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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