Tuesday, 2 April 2013


As we get to enjoy the information and technology era, we must be mindful of the viruses.  Not long ago, I was working on a booklet for a Funeral Service.  Some images to be incorporated into this booklet had been taken to a photo studio to have them better designed for the purpose.  The work was later returned on a flash.  Immediately I put the flash into the laptop, it got a black out!  I realized it was a virus problem.

The Government must come up with strategy to deal with viruses.  The flashes have a high capacity of moving viruses from one computer to another.  If Government can get some deal with some anti virus producing company so that it is extremely cheap or even free to access this anti virus, I think this will be a big innovation.  It is true that staff in many organizations move around with flashes and these flashes can cause terrible problems to whole networks.  If there is a way free anti virus can be accessed or relatively cheap but effective option that would be a great innovation.  

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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