Tuesday, 2 April 2013


It is a few years ago.  We were at a meeting with children of brethren; those children of the Re-awaken East African Revival members (Abalokole Abazukufu).  The function was at Kitante Primary School.  

I must say that many of us who have been brought up in this type of families have not witnessed instability in families (which calls for the current Marriage and divorce Bill in Parliament), and we are grateful to the congregation which happens to be directly under Church of Uganda in case of members within Uganda.

Our parents who are Saved (Balokole) were concerned that many of the children had not joined them, and they also wanted to know what we were uncomfortable with as we relate with them.

I got opportunity to ask them why they make our mothers ‘heirs’ to our fathers, and in the process get all property vested into our mothers.  Time came to have this answered.  I was shocked to see Justice Kavuma come in to defend the practice.  I would have had no quarrel with the Justice if this was not a dictated upon our parents.  In the fellowship, there is the do’s and don’ts among which one sorts of lives a non earthly life, and prior to death, one makes a Will which entrusts property to his or her spouse, and, this is where the problem originates.  Eventually, when the surviving parent also dies, property ends up vested in the Mission (Balokole).  This I have witnessed.  

When I realized that Justice Kavuma had decided to defend the un defend-able, I decided to leave the meeting.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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