Monday, 3 March 2014


 A rare photograph of Dr Andrew Kayiira addressing a rally in Uganda after the overthrow of Dr Milton Obote’s government.

On Thursday March 6, 2014 it will be 27 years since Uganda’s freedom fighter Dr Andrew Lutakome Kayiira was gunned down in the suburbs of Kampala while staying with a friend.

 Who killed him? Why did he die? Did he die in vain? These are the many questions that remain unanswered to this day. Buried in an obscure cemetery outside Kampala, his efforts to give his life for the freedom of others have all but been forgotten. His name is not mentioned when the country remembers its great freedom fighters. His family has all but been forgotten as others enjoy the fruits of his sweat.
The London Evening Post will be remembering him this Thursday and will dedicate all the day’s reports to his memory. We are inviting anybody anywhere in the world who would like to contribute to Dr Kayiira’s memory to send us an article not more than 2000 words in his memory. Whether that memory is good or bad, we will publish it. Whatever you knew about him, whether good or bad, will be posted. People of Half London on the outskirts of Kampala where he spent most of his last days, are encouraged to send in anything you remember about this great son of Uganda. The people of Boston, Massachusetts where he spent time during his exile days are also encouraged to send in what you remember about his days with you. Do you have a photo of him during that time? Email it to us for the Remembrance Day.

Our editor Henry Gombya in whose house Dr Kayiira was shot dead, will relive the moments the attack took place and what has happened to him and his family since. We invite all our readers to observe a minute’s silence at 1130pm Uganda time (2030 GMT) on Wednesday 5 March, 2014 to remember, wherever you may be in this world, the moment Dr Kayiira’s life was taken away from us.

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