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Emmamba Gabunga
Muguya (mmamba nto)
Clan Leader
Ssagala -Buwaya
Clan motto
Akalya kokka kekeetenda obulyampola, Ssirya mmamba, amazzi nnywa eno ssi Mmamba Namakaka. Gwe ndisanga mu menvu, n'ebikuta alibirya.

This is biggest and one of the most influential clans in Buganda. It is the only clan that intermarries because it has two groups; mmamba Namakaka and mmamba Kakoboza. Kabaka Bemba of the Tonda dynasty (last king of Muwawa, present day Buganda was of this clan).

The grandfather of the Mmamba Namakaka clan was called Ndiira who came from Masaaba in Bugisu and went to Kirinnya in Busoga where he died. His heir was Mubiru who moved his family to Bumogera in today`s Kenya. They were axe-makers and fishermen and their legend revolves around the lost axe and the lost canoe.
One day, a boy from the native clan of Bumogera came and borrowed an axe from Katenda, son of Mubiru to cut some wooden floats for his fish traps. In the process of cutting down a tree, the axe fell into the water and he could not find it. He went to Katenda and narrated the whole ordeal but the furious Katenda could not accept any other axe but his very one.

The young man together with his family went out in the lake to search for this axe which they miraculously found after an intensive underwater search. Katenda was very pleased to get back his axe. This did not go down well with the locals. They found Katenda quite unforgiving and heartless and waited for a moment of revenge. After a long while, Katenda wanted to go fishing but his canoe was engaged so he went to the axe-borrower and asked to lend him his canoe. He gave it to him and Katenda went fishing. Afterwards, he rowed the canoe, anchored it to the lakeside and went home. On learning about his landing, the axe-borrower conspired with someone to go pile stones in the canoe and sink it in the lake. After the expedition, he went to Katenda and demanded his boat to go fishing. They went together where Katenda had left it and it was not there. The case that changed the course of history among the Muguya group of the mmamba clan started because the canoe owner refused any arrangements or compensation. His father Mubiru tried to intervene and pay back the boat but the owner refused his offers and opted for a court trial accusing Katenda of theft.

After losing the case, court imposed a hefty penalty against Mubiru and his son. They were asked to pay the boat owner with ten girls, ten cows, ten goats and ten copper bangles. To make matters worse, Ndagire, Mubiru`s sister was their first choice among the ten.

Mubiru, his family members and all the people under him in a meeting agreed to escape from Bumogera to another country because the punishment was too unfair. They left under the cover of darkness and paddled their canoes across Lake Victoria. In trying to cross the lake, there are Mubiru`s sons who failed to cross out of fatigue and settled on various islands like his son Kisanje who settled in Maggyo, on Buvuma Island. He left his other son Muwuna on Namusoba landing site in Buzaama to keep his canoes.

Mubiru landed in Kyaggwe which was under Kabaka Kintu and he told him events that led him to escape from Bumogera. The Kabaka allowed him to settle with his group anywhere he wished. He chose to settle in Kiwumu and told the Kabaka how good he was at not only navigating the lake but also making canoes. The Kabaka officially assigned him those duties and he made so many canoes for him. Mubiru became the king`s favorite in particular as well as the Mmamba clansmen in general. Kabaka Kintu appointed so many of Mubiru`s clansmen chiefs within his kingdom.

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