Friday, 14 March 2014


In the past years, a child needed one year in Nursery school just to prepare him/her for primary one.  Today, we have a minimal of 3 years in Nursery section.  When a parent goes to a Nursery school with the idea that a child needs at least one year of pre – primary, that child may not be put in top class, which has the children who are to graduate to primary one.

According to one teacher of a Nursery school, the curriculum is such that the child should study for 3 years before graduating to primary one.  The question one may ask, “is primary one relevant anymore?”  Some parents who have failed to fix their children in top class think that the Nursery schools just want to make money.  The teachers at Nursery also say that children straight from home if put in Top class, these make teaching a problem as their friends are already a head.

I am one of those who believe that a child should have one serious year in Nursery which prepares him/her for primary one.  The other additional time should be mostly for play as today many parents have to work which calls for having somewhere they can leave their children.

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