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Today, anybody can just put soil on the road and you have a hump.  There is no need of a sign post to show that there is a hump ahead, nor the size acceptable for a hump.

Government ought to pronounce itself clearly as regards the humps constructed on roads given that a motorist who is not used to the road can get an accident on just meeting a hump without prior knowledge or knowing that one exists.  Secondly, for vehicles which are low, it is a struggle to pass over these humps to the extent that some approach the humps in such a way that affects other road users as the vehicle ends up using both sides of the road instead of keeping to its side.  This has the potential of damaging any of the underground parts of the vehicle and the vehicle can immediately develop a mechanical problem because every dick and hurry can construct a hump without anybody raising a finger.
These humps given the way they are constructed more often than not interfere with the would be free movement of water and the road gets spoiled quickly. 

 Huge humps a problem to road users - Museveni

Huge humps a problem to road users - Museveni

President Museveni arrives for a function in Kayunga District recently. He has told the Ministry of Works to remove huge speed humps. Photo by Rachel Mabala. 
By Rahima Kaggwa

Posted  Friday, July 19  2013 at  11:33
In Summary
Mr Museveni says people should use the newly constructed roads to transport their agricultural produce so as to generate household income.
President Museveni yesterday directed the Minister of Works to remove huge speed humps from roads, calling them an inconvenience to road users.
While addressing veterans at Ssekanyonyi Primary School in Ssekanyonyi Sub-county, Mityana District, the President said they have successfully rehabilitated the Mityana-Mubende-Fort Portal Highway that has now been extended to Bundibugyo-Lamya at the Uganda-Congo border as one of the manifestations of the commitment of NRM government to enhance national development.
Ssekanyonyi Veterans’ chairman Lawrence Jjingo thanked the President for his leadership and commended the NRM government for the construction of roads in the area.
President Museveni is currently on a tour of the Luweero region and meeting veterans to promote efforts aimed at household poverty eradication.
His household anti-poverty tour has so far covered Luweero, Kyankwanzi, Kiboga and Nakasongola districts.
Mr Museveni also has castigated elements in society that thrive on discrimination, adding that such people create problems and hinder social development. He also cautioned the residents against the HIV/Aids pandemic, and called for behaviour change if the disease it to be fought.

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