Tuesday, 25 March 2014


It is absurd to see that some MPs behave childishly.  By all standards, an MP should be qualified academically, with sound mind and with good maturity.  For an MP to seek cheap popularity with the hope that he or she will attract the eyes of the appointing authority for some favours is not only absurd, but it is unbecoming behavior of a person who should be above average.  This makes me remember President Amin’s time (R.I.P), when he invaded Kagera in Tanzania claiming that it was after all part of Uganda!  Some of us were just praising his acts, but you can be sure, this was the start of the short journey which saw him out of power.  The selfishness which some MPs show like a so-called ‘honorable’ member who came up with a proposal to extend the current Government tenure, this is near madness.  There is no proof that that is the only option which Government could take.  The financing problem of the current Government is self created.  There is outright theft of funds.  If this can be mitigated, a lot would be saved.  The ID project had been funded prior to the 2011 General Elections, it looks like some of the money meant for that project went into bribing voters hence the inflation we saw.  The President has been seen move around with sacks of money, if this type of practices can stop, good money can be saved.  We have people who would be ashamed of getting free money under the cover of being Presidential advisors.  If one day these people turned patriotic, they would tell the appointing authority that the advice they can give will be free as many Ugandans do see value for money in their advice as the country continues off course.  You see a so-called youthful MP go on her knees to beg Museveni to stand up opposed!  This is the caliber of MPs we have.  For anybody who has a good memory of the turbulent history the country has gone through, it can be absurd for someone you may think is mature and academically qualified to come up with such.
Time is ripe for the selfishness of our MPs to stop.  It is childish to come up with a proposal to impress President Museveni, who should have left office by 2006.  To measure up as an MP, Uganda MPs should act in a respectable way.  Childish ways of doing things will never deliver Uganda to the promised land.  Some of us have to do with President Museveni simply because currently there is no way out, not that he is anymore really qualified to give the country such direction which can lead to prosperity.  

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