Sunday, 16 March 2014


Some people are proposing that the opposition in Uganda should boycott the Lord Mayor-ship when time comes in the forthcoming bi-election.  This is against the background that the High Court made such intervention putting some injunction on removing the Lord Mayor from office.  And that not participation will send the message!

The people of Uganda ought to understand how we got to this position.  Hon. Erias Lukwago created a situation which made it very difficult to have business move in Kampala.  True, the Lord Mayor had his issues, but it is the strategy that was wrong, which influenced the councilors to seek a way out, hence the vote of no confidence.  Afterall, the paralysis was making them also non-performers.

If the resolutions of the councilors to vote Lukwago out were constitutional, then keeping a paralysis will not help a situation which is already bad.  Kampala city needs people working 18 hours a day given the problems which are an inconvenience to many who do serious business, to the extent that some want to re-locate from Uganda because of the situation.  Merely ignoring all those inconvenience simply because some man did not get justice is a wrong decision.  Developments in the city need to go on with least friction.

The opposition ought not to be blinded by the Lukwago developments.  This is a still birth.  In the meantime as Lukwago matters pre - occupy the opposition, the NRM party is doing mobilization and strategies for 2016.  It will not pay when the opposition boycotts the re-election for the Lord Mayor position, nor wasting time on spoilt milk.  

Much as Hon. Lukwago wants so much to get back to his office, the people he is supposed to work with don’t want to anymore.  It is said that Lukwago showed up at the - would be launch of the Street lights on Kabakanjagala road, and the executives of KCCA left!  Doesn’t all this send a signal?

What does this show?

It is time for maturity to be shown.  Crying for spoilt milk will not help the opposition.  It is time to accept that though the courts of law can intervene and the cycle goes on, we need to be mature.  Lukwago should get back to the drawing board and make a new start so that the country moves on.  Lukwago imagines that he is the only one who has been treated unjustly, which is wrong.  He should instead give Uganda a chance to move ahead given the multiplicity of problems we have.  This is against the background that he made blunders which were the trigger point to get him to a point of no confidence as Lord Mayor.   

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