Wednesday, 5 March 2014


On Thursday last week through Saturday last week, the Sessional committee of Tourism, trade and industry, on which I serve as a member in the parliament of Uganda, went to Kabong District, Karamoja sub-region to celebrate Kidepo day! Kidepo is one of the national parks in Uganda but unique because it's in one of the semi-arid but less populated areas of the country. This makes it a safe haven for the lions, Buffaloes, giraffes, elands, Ostriches and a host of other wild animals and bird species!
It is really a long drive, but it's worth it! Beautiful, unique Karamoja! We are thankful to the people of Kabong especially our colleagues the area MPs who were really gracious hosts!

We took pictures but those that really stand out are those of our colleague the woman MP of Kabong, who looked resplendent in the Karimojong traditional wear!





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