Sunday, 16 March 2014


When Engineer Ntale publicized the terminal sickness of Brother Cosmas Kafeero, there was enthusiasm on part of some Old Boys of St. Mary’s College Kisubi.  Engineer Ntale publicized an account in Stanbic Bank which had specifically been opened as a collection account to see to the treatment of Brother Kafeero.  Shortly, it became public knowledge that the Brother had been admitted at Nsambya hospital.  As if that was not enough, Dr. Tyaba was handy to help Brother Kafeero with meals for which the Brother had appetite for.  Then came Dr. Coutinho who had come in with strategy to see Brother Kafeero’s better health.  Dr. Coutinho arranged a meeting with Dr. Tyaba at his office.  Everything was in high gear.  At that time, we had been told that specimens had been got from Brother Kafeero and results were awaited.
However, shortly as results were got, before there was any coordination, we learnt that the Brother was going back to Kisubi!  I don’t know how this impacted on the Doctors; however, I remember that Dr. Tyaba was in disbelief.  I rang him about the development when he was at some ‘Lumbe’ (someone had died and he was attending).

What should have happened at that material time would have been the cooperation of the Brothers and the Old Boys to forge a way forward.  Things had started going wrong.  This was just the beginning.  When we checked on Brother Kafeero shortly after he had been discharged from Nsambya, there was shock to find a plate with posho delivered to Brother Kafeero.  As a reaction, I wrote to the Old Boys about the development and how it was necessary to boost support for better nutrition of Brother Kafeero.  At that time, Engineer Ntale was following up well developments and giving financial support.

Shortly before Dr. Tyaba went back to USA, he was concerned about the administration of an injection which he had procured specifically to lengthen Brother Kafeero’s life.  The Doctor rang another Doctor who was more in the field and had experience in administering the injection.  Just a day or so before Dr. Tyaba left the country; he came in touch with Brother Byarugaba who was bitter about the Old Boys, especially William Kituuka who was making bad publicity about the Brothers of Christian Instruction.

As if that was not enough, I also feel victim of Brother Byarugaba when I delivered some of the fruits that Brother Kafeero had appetite for.  The way Brother Byarugaba handled me, I was told led to tears by Brother Kafeero who was positive about my role.    

In a nutshell, it is unfortunate that the coordination with the Brothers failed and the life of Brother Kafeero that would have been more comfortable and may be lengthened was not.

Given the above observation, I am of the opinion that support should be given to Brother Kyemwa who moves with health problems.

I thank God for having been able to work on the Requiem Mass booklet of Brother Kafeero with the assistance of Brother Kakooza as a Sister from Kisubi Brothers' University.

“May Brother (Dr) Cosmas Kiwanuka Kafeero’s soul rest in eternal peace.”

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