Saturday, 28 May 2016


BLESSED ARE YOU IF YOU ARE NOT IN MUSEVENI'A CABINET BECAUSE: 1. Your constituents will not decide to punish you instead of Museveni for his failures hence not vote you come the 2021 General Elections. 2. You will not find yourself in a situation where because of collective responsibility, you cannot disclose the identity of "power from above" on whose instructions you acted hence leading the country to loss of colossal amounts of money for which you have to go to Luzira. 3. You will not be humiliated as a Minister when you have to work on instructions strictly from State House. 4. You will just have to follow the President when he goes to inaugurate a project under your office which you should have inaugurated. 5. You will not stand to be blamed for projects that failed to achieve their objectives simply because funds were not released or just a fraction was available and the other lot diverted. 6. You will not be humiliated publicly for failing to deliver given that you are supposed to implement what the President has endorsed. The Ministers in Uganda have to know that though they are assigned the various portfolios, the powers regarding what has to be implemented remain with the State House hence they remain like stooges.

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