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He has made a record. He decided not to stand again in his constituency.
Below a few photo images while in Government.

 He is donating one third of his retirement package to his constituents who have supported him all the time he has contested for the constituency.

Editor’s pick: I am not totally out, says Eng. John Nasasira
Eng. John Nasasira

Eng. John Nasasira, 63, decided not to participate in the 2016 general elections due to a leg fracture he is recovering from. The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), who has represented Kazo County in Parliament since 1989, sustained the injury in a freak accident in June. HILARY BAINEMIGISHA had a chat with him at his home in Naguru.

Was it really health reasons that forced you to pull out of the 2016 race?
Oh yes. But I had decided to retire as early as after the 2011 elections. But when I consulted stakeholders in the constituency, the people we thought would replace me and move Kazo forward at the pace we are used to, were uncomfortable leaving their businesses. So, my constituents turned back to me. I was asked to continue and I accepted. I am still popular. I am certain I was going to win with the usual landslide. Then this accident happened and I broke my leg. I was in India for a month. The second surgery will take place between September and October. So, I cannot be physically available in the constituency during the campaigns for National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries. Again, stakeholders came to see me. We met and they proposed to campaign for me using my pictures as I recover in Kampala, but I thought it was untenable. I did not pick nomination forms, but will be able to campaign for President Museveni and NRM after October.

Who are you nominating to replace you?
I cannot do that. People will decide. About f ve people have picked forms. I will not support any of them publicly. But whoever it is, we in Kazo want a strong NRM cadre who is loyal to the President and the party. We want someone who is committed to our unity and capable of lobbying for development.

What is your legacy as the MP in Kazo?
A lot! But, firstly, I will be happy to be remembered for creating and maintaining the unity in the constituency. Kazo is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious, but we refused to let that divide us. I worked for everybody. Today, we are an island of unity. Secondly, I did quite some good mobilisation to make the people understand what NRM is. Third is the development and transformation of Kazo. We moved from schools made of mud and wattle to those of brick and iron sheets in the whole constituency. There is hardly a school without a Nasasira iron sheet. Also, every sub-county has electricity. Kazo town council has piped water. I have boosted health and religious institutions. In 1989, Kazo had one road from Lyantonde to Ibanda. Today, every LC1 is linked by a road network and Kazo is linked to all neighbours.

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Nasasira quits MPs race after 27 years

Information and Communications Technology Minister John Nasasira 
By Our Reporter

Posted  Tuesday, August 4  2015 at  13:00

The Information and Communications Technology Minister John Nasasira has quit the 2016 race for parliament, telling his Kazo constituents that he will not seek re-election due to ill health.
In a July 30 letter to 8 sub county chairpersons in Kazo, Kiruhura district, Mr Nasasira who in June underwent surgery after a freak accident left him with a broken femur bone, said his candidature will be untenable, because he is due for a second surgery in October and won't physically hit the campaign trail.
"Despite the support I have in the constituency, my absence makes my candidature untenable. I will therefore not pick nomination forms for NRM flagbearer for Kazo Constituency for 2016 - 2021," he wrote.
Several leaders from Kazo had in a July 24 petition asked Mr Nasasira to run despite currently being indisposed, arguing that because of the achievements he has made in the constituency, he needed to continue. The leaders formed a subcommittee to look at the issue and met the minister, who currently cannot walk, at his home in Kampala and asked him not to pull out. However, Mr Nasasira who is due for another operation procedure in October has decided to quit.
Mr Nasasira is the longest serving MP having been elected to represent Kazo in the 1989 upto today. He has also been a minister since 1989, when he was appointed to Cabinet as a deputy minister for works, and elevated to full Cabinet minister in 1995 when he was assigned to run the Agriculture docket. He has been minister for works and transport, government chief whip, general duties, gender and currently ICT.

PROFILE: Hon. John Nasasira: Uganda's new ICT MinisterPDFPrintE-mail
On 23rd May, 2013, Eng. John Nasasira was appointed the Minister for ICT in the Ugandan Cabinet replacing Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda who had held the office for about 3 years. 

Hon. John Nasasira: Uganda's ICT Minister

Born on 5th January, 1952 in Kiruhura District, Hon. John Nasasira holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Bsc.Civ.Eng), from the University of Nairobi. Since 1989 till present, he has been the MP for Kazo County, Kiruhura District, in the Ugandan Parliament. He was formerly the Government Chief Whip.
Hon. John Nasasira recently made his maiden speech as minister for ICT during the 3rd ACIA (Annual Communications Innovations Awards) event held on 28th June 2013 at Serena Hotel.
The ICT fraternity is anxiously waiting to see what mark Hon. Nasasira will make on the fast growing sector with its virtually unlimited potential. We welcome him and wish him all the best!

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