Sunday, 15 May 2016


Uganda this time made a net loss given what the local Ugandans went through up to the inauguration of President Museveni and events after.
It all started with security personnel in all areas near to Kampala. This was followed by the closure of Entebbe Highway which development had not been seen before hence forcing motorists to use the Expressway under construction.
Then the social media was closed down for 3 days, not forgetting the public holiday; the day of the Swearing in by the President.
A good audit of the business to many Ugandans was simply a gross loss to the country.
The situation Uganda is in is very tricky. It is most important to properly evaluate before making some of the decisions say on whether to declare a day a public holiday or even the invitation of visitors who call for security that makes production and productivity to be greatly reduced.
By this time, the policy makers ought to know how much money the country needs to make everyday to be able to service its loan liabilities as well as the local debt and other foreign obligations. The same policy people should compute to find out how much in actual terms is the country actually realizing given the other national obligations. This against the background that we are still borrowing.
Facts may reveal that the country cannot afford to add on to the existing official public holidays.
It is true that many Ugandans had nothing to celebrate given what is on ground, the uncertainty, the insecurity, the way producers of wealth are seen as if valueless.
The social media is an area where many earn. People sell airtime; and on the three days when social media has been off, the tax that should have been realized had a big short fall following the switch off of the social media.
The public holiday meant loss of income by financial institutions and many business entities.

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