Sunday, 15 May 2016


Good Lord, I wanted to contest for President of Uganda in 2011, I publicized my intentions worldwide and used Cairo International Bank Account in the name: Ultra Simplex Enterprises for receipt of funds donated. It was a terrible experience as the bank ended up uncooperative and so the nominations went to pass without any information to me as regards funding through the bank.
The portrait I used in 2010 to fund-raise for President.
The experience was that a number of my emails ceased and I resigned though I could not believe that I had not received any funding.
A was later to learn that Cairo Bank had allowed a fraud where names and photos of pensioners were used and funds credited to those accounts. The people whose names were used in the fraud were not the real beneficiaries. The bank charged shs 150,000 to each of such beneficiaries. A till was put in place to pay such fraudulent beneficiaries and all the cash credited on such accounts was drawn in one transaction.
It surprises that a bank could undertake such a fraud and Bank of Uganda did not close it.
This is the money I greatly suspect to have been from my fundraising that time out of which I did not get a cent.
The portrait I used in 2014/2015 to fund-raise.
In 2014, I launched another fundraising still for President of Uganda. This time, since I do not have an account outside the country, I gambled with Barclays bank. Still time came and I resigned though I spent a whole 14 or so months fundraising internationally.
I am frustrated. I am convincing that the Government of Uganda intervened in both cases to ensure that I do not get a coin out of these efforts.
I have appealed to various authorities to help me recover the money, but all is a wasted effort.
My background is that my father was a teacher who struggled hard to bring me up and my siblings. The moment I grew serious with academics, I did not turn back. That is why I was able to get a bursary from Mubende district, joined a leading secondary school in Uganda by the name St. Mary's College Kisubi for 6 years.
I never wasted time at school and even during holidays I used to study seriously. Because of that background, I have been an innovative person. Unfortunately, some people just want me a frustrated lot.
I have been frustrated enough following Government's action which made me fail to stand the two times for President.
I have not only suffered the above. I also got three of the computers I use on Internet damaged following a virus attack just meant to make communication impossible for me.
Lord, I thank you for the 56 years granted, however, given the frustration, if the NRM Government cannot make an effort to refund funds realised from my fundraising appeals, I don't see why I keep suffering just for a few well placed people to benefit.
God, it is best you take me to yourself. I have heard enough frustration under the NRM Government, I cannot predict anything better. God, I don't mind leaving this world for those who are convinced that they are the right beneficiaries of the resources there are.
Lord, if those who have taken funds due to me cannot refund, I am also resigned. I feel I have suffered enough at the hands of the NRM.
Good Lord kindly grant my wish so that I leave those who are entitled to the resources to better enjoy themselves.

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