Friday, 20 May 2016


 I have seen religious leaders who go to the extent of advising voters to vote for Museveni. These are materialistic and are after eating given their greed.
I can assure them that as leaders more over religious, they will equally lead those going to hello. Otherwise, what justice can you preach to the people when on ground you support the injustice going on.
1. You are a religious leader and with a stable and sound mind, and you knew why the 1995 constitution was for 2 terms of 5 years for a President, surely, would I follow such a blind leader?
2. The outright bribing of members of parliament to have what the executive wishes through.
3. The injustice to the opposition in Uganda.
  This is how the NRM treats its opponents.
4. The unjust treatment of Dr. Kizza Besigye.
I have mentioned just a few.
 Museveni sees himself so powerful, however, I pray that He realizes that there is that power that lead to his being.
 Can you imagine the injustice the Museveni some people see as a darling to an opponent who rightly disputes the February 18 election results given the malpractice?
There you are. Does this Besigye deserve this type of treatment for anybody who deceives us that he is really a religious leader in practice?
A Religious Leader who claims to be a member of the NRM is not worth. He/she is like a blind shepherd leading his sheep and will surely drown with them.

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