Sunday, 15 May 2016



In the photo, 2nd left was my good friend Jimmy Kitaka. This is the guy I was with when the son of Kaguta captured power in 1986. The experience was so bad that I imagine anybody with a working head should never wish Uganda to get back to civil war. You cannot imagine that your friends around Kampala are liberated while you are in the stronghold of those seeing themselves lose power. Thank God we got through it.
When I remember the time we spent with Jimmy, 1st he was a year below me at Makerere University but a Mitchell Hall member, the Hall I belonged to. In 1985 when I was posted to UCB Jinja Main, he was a teacher at Jinja Girls. He admired me because we the bankers were comparatively better paid than secondary school teachers.
Some how, Jimmy managed to join a bank after I had lost my job at Nile bank. He always comforted me given my circumstances.
Later we met when he was managing the Agricultural Show Ground at Jinja.
A daughter of mine was the 1st to inform me that Jimmy had been admitted at Nakasero Hospital in critical condition. It did not take long as the same person informed me that Jimmy had passed on!
In life, we are on a journey. When one starts on a journey, he/she has a final destination and that is death. What differs is that we arrive at our final destinations at different time.
We need to prepare for our final destination. Some people in this life see themselves as if they were God and are able to abuse the rights of others as they wish. But it is important to know that one day, one will be a useless thing which people only wish to dispose off.
From 2014, I started taking interest in people who were powerful, but when towards death they cannot help themselves to a toilet! You find a person who gets urine to pass when it would not. These experiences have taught me to be more human to others. Arrogance does not pay.

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