Friday, 6 May 2016


On 14th March 2016, I started on the process of having my travel document re - kneed. I went to the bank, paid the shs 150,000 and the charges. I then continued to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The sight of the youth waiting for service was a big shock to me.
I got into the system and wrote an application and put it into my new file. I also got two photocopies from my old passport.

I then proceeded to the desk where my file was stamped and a pink card with my old file number.
I then moved to a desk with a lady whose job is to look at the photo and see whether the one presenting the file is the one the photo represents.
After a month I checked at the office on 15th April 2016. I arrived at around 7.20 am. Our pink cards were collected. After about 30 minutes, I was told to go to the Security department. At that office I was told that my photos had been rejected. Fortunately, I had other photos on me which I supplied.
I then checked at the office on 21st April 2016 to check and see whether there was no other issue regarding the file. I was surprised when I was asked to get a transcript! I wondered why they had not raised this together with the photos. I had no option but to get a transcript as had been asked. I however got a copy of the degree certificate just in case they decided to ask for it another time.
Before I got back to the passport office I sent an email to the spokesperson of the office complaining.

When I got back to the security officer the same day, he was angry to me that I had complained. It is then he told me that I had not photocopied the 3rd copy in my passport which reflects my profession. I wondered why he had not told me to photocopy that since I was re - knewing the passport and instead told me to get a transcript.
Today, 6th May 2016, I once more arrived at the passport office at 7.18 am. We were told to site in the area reserved for those to collect new passports. By 7.30 am, the pink papers were being collected. At 7.50 am, some lady called out my name. I signed for the passport and left.

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