Monday, 30 May 2016


There has been excitement since 1992 when the private sponsorship scheme became a reality at Makerere University. Professors and lecturers have had to manage the dual role of lecturing and financial management which development has brought a lot of conflict, more so that many poor income earning units have been at a disadvantage. Time is now to rectify this situation. the Government of Uganda should get the finance departments in these Universities perform as would be a commercial bank. These should be capable of balancing each days work and also handle approved claims for fiances from the various University units. The finance Unit could be manned by a deputy vice chancellor fiance. In fact a fully fledged finance unit should be better able to manage student finance problems, even issue loans and also allow students to complete studies when certain conditions are met and as such reduce on inconveniences of students who would otherwise complete studies if there were able people to better manage the finances of these Universities. It is absurd that some complaint are raised that some University monies are banked on accounts which are not official. This should allow lecturers to deal with teaching and related roles

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