Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Many of us who went through St. Mary's College Kisubi are grateful to the services of Mr. Kibuuka a long serving librarian at the School. We are very grateful to his services.
Mr. Kibuuka the long serving librarian at St. Mary's College Kisubi.
Dr. Simon Kagugube Executive Director at Centenary Bank second left and Charles Peter Mayiga the Katikiiro of Ugandan are some of the beneficiaries of the services of Mr. Kibuuka.
Inspector General of Police General Kale Kaihura is also a beneficiary of Kibuuka's services.
Engineer Charles Mulagwe was also a beneficiary of Kibuuka's services.
Mr. Kasekende MD Standard Chartered Bank also read books when Kibuuka was librarian.
Prof. Ddumba Sentamu the Vice Chancellor Makerere University also read books when Kibuuka was serving in the library at SMACK.
Mr. Kasi the Managing Director Centenary Bank in blue tie and the former President of the Old Boys' Association all got guidance of Mr. Kibuuka.
This former President of Uganda Law Society was also a beneficiary of Kibuuka"s services.
Mr. Malengane also benefited from Kibuuka's services.
Kiwanuka Kituuka served as a Library Staff who held the Library key and would serve mostly on weekends as well as prep time. He is grateful to the guidance that was given by Mr. Kibuuka.

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