Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Those of us who were ten years and above by 1971 when Idi Amin overthrew President Obote can tell the dirt in our politics.
Idi Amin was welcome when he overthrew Obote. It is not clear whether people had forgotten his role in the 1966 invasion of Kabaka Mutesa II's Palace at Mengo.
 In the photo Amin and Obote before the overthrow
In 1979, with the help of Tanzania'a forces, Amin was overthrown. However, though the people of Uganda had accepted the choice of Yusuf Kironde Lule as President, some people were busy undermining him and he stayed for just 68 days in office.
 Yusuf Kironde Lule being sworn in 1979
I thank God that I have used my common sense and never supported Museveni.
When Lule was removed from office, I was in HSC at St. Mary's College Kisubi. We decided to join the "no Lule no work" demonstration. Thank God Brother Kyemwa did not bother us. I remember I was with the elder brother of Charlie Lubega by the name Anthony Lubega. We did not stay so long at Entebbe Highway before Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his men surrounded us. Museveni told us to go back to school.
From then on, I started taking interest in Museveni the man. I saw his role after President Binaisa (RIP) was put under house arrest. Then when Kaguta formed UPM, the same Museveni wanted to use Binaisa's popularity and the old man was convinced to join UPM!
 On the left is Museveni of the UPM days
As if that was not enough, when Kaguta decided to go to the Bush, he remembered the man they had overthrown in 1979. Reached out to him. Before capturing power in 1986, Prof. Lule passed on.
Museveni again went to Prof. Lule the man he had helped to overthrow
The people of Uganda have to rediscover themselves and ask for forgiveness from God.
 Museveni swearing in 1986
I never supported the Museveni Bush war where many innocent lives were lost. Many who supported Museveni are in tears: the Besigye's, Mugisha Muntu, Amama Mbabazi. They supported a man whose intentions they never understood.
 Hon. Amama Mbabazi and Dr. Kizza Besigye

 General Mugisha Muntu
As a country, we need to ask God to forgive us. Many times we see wrong being done and we embrace it. When corruption was being talked about, it was as if the people who love Uganda would never make a mistake and vote Museveni, but what happened?
Museveni to swear in again after 30 years as Head of State!
As a country we need to get to our senses. We should show away the selfishness we harbour within ourselves, the pride that one can manage an infrastructure where the party and state have been fused. That way, we shall be started on the journey to deal with the evil that inflicted our politics.

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