Sunday, 22 May 2016


Uganda is at cross roads. The problem the country is faced with is bad politics more so political manipulation. The problems the country is in today originate from leadership which is not sincere; leadership that has mastered the art of bribing who ever is key in ensuring that certain agendas are pushed to the advantage of the status quo. That is how the term limits got removed from the 1995 Constitution.
The bad politics goes further where our leaders end up wishing to have as much wealth as possible, this is possible through three main strategies:
1. Legislation in their favour,
2. Ensuring that they stay for as long as they wish in the top most office of the land. This is possible when they organize elections they are sure of winning, 
3. Being the architects of corruption which deprives the majority of resources that would help the betterment of the masses.

 President Museveni has been smart at using whoever has been cooperative to get to where he is. He can single handedly decide on who can get what and when as has been the case when he has been able to give NRM MPs shs 5m ahead of voting for the favourite candidate Oulanyah who has had a record in ensuring that what President Museveni likes passes in Parliament.

NRM MPs like Hon. Kiwanda find it easy to endorse what President Museveni wants and at the end of it, complicate chances of having the man take the exit. This time round, there is worry that Museveni may push for removal of upward age limit of President and the possibility of extending the President's term in office to 7 years.
People like the IGP Kale Kaihura are in place to ensure regime survival whether at the expense of a bad image to other publics.
The Parliament with majority as NRM MPs has the leeway to pass whatever law the executive wants as matters are discussed in the caucus arrangement and simply formalized in the Parliamentary sessions.
President Museveni has found it easy with the various players who have to endorse his wishes. This is so because they love money so much in that they easily implement his wishes as he is ready to fuel their hands.
A man like Hon. Amama Mbabazi was easily dismissed because Museveni saw him eying the big seat which it is alleged he had been promised some time earlier.
Museveni wants to keep the people on their toes that he has the military machine in case they fool around.
 The Police are always handy to manage those who are seen as trouble elements.

 Dr. Kizza Besigye has had a lot of encounters with Police on allegation that he has not been cleared by police to undertake whatever he may be involved in or attempt to be getting involved in.

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