Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Thank God for He has saved Uganda yet another evil scheme that was bound to give us a Speaker who is not at the centre of the hearts of those people who love Uganda.
How bad would it have been if they had not chosen Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga for Speaker of the 10th Parliament?
They realized that she had good chance of coming as an independent and still make it.
Kiwanda Ssuubi is good at saying sorry following the wrong side he is normally associated with.
For my brother Kiwanda, the evil scheme has not worked out.

I pray that God helps the likes of Kiwanda as legislators in the 10th Parliament to be pro people.
It can be remembered that Kiwanda was in Parliament in 2005 when his friend Oulanyah presided over the removal of term limits; and it can be remembered that MPs got shs 5m on fulfilling Museveni's wish!
It is true that Kiwanda was live on CBS 89.2 FM and he said he was sorry for having been party to that suicide decision for the country.
Oulanyah can now wait for serving data sycophant when he is appointed minister. However I pray that he puts Uganda first instead of selfish interests.
This time round, he has been Chairman of the Oulanyah Speaker Crusade. Thank God for He has saved us from their evil scheme.
Praise Him.

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