Tuesday, 13 May 2014


At times I wonder whether many of the Members of Parliament we have measure up to the task.  There are some proposals which they make that are either childish or may be, the proposers just want the public to realize their existence if not get political capital so that the President can have his eye on them for bigger things.  A mobile phone is not only a necessity, but a service on which there is already good tax.  Having the phone does not mean you have money to throw way.  In fact, some people hold phones for just receiving calls, not making calls! 

The people who advance such proposals like adding shs 5,000 tax on mobile phone users should instead look at strategies which can reduce the Country’s administrative budget.  One such strategy would be reducing the size of Parliament, whereby MPs should represent a given population size.  2ndly, they should come up with a motion to reduce President Museveni’s powers.  The President on the side of Government expenditure is the biggest liability Uganda has.  Not only do people fail to understand where he gets the money to bribe people, but it is also believed that he is at liberty to give instructions to the Central Bank to release money even when it was not planned for.  MPs should bring up good arguments like reducing Presidential advisors as many beneficiaries are seen as getting pension from Government so that they keep footing the NRM line. 

President Museveni’s continued stay in State House is at a big cost to the country.  MPs are just coming back from their constituencies after spending shs 4m each to convince the voters to have Museveni as the only NRM candidate in 2016.  It is said that at least shs 6bn went into this scheme!  Can you imagine, even the much publicized Student loan scheme did not get shs 6n!  Our leaders in NRM should get the difference between productive spending and spending for consumption.  The shs 6bn was consumption, so the country made a net loss!  Unfortunately, many of those who participated in dishing the shs 4m are bound to lose their seats come 2016!  It is not clear why many in the NRM cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and instead endorse the continued suffering of the people of Uganda.  Monies currently being wasted would have been better put  into schemes/projects that would boost areas like agro-based industrialization which can see to good prospects of employment creation of the unemployed in Uganda.  

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