Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Major Gen (RTD) Mugisha Muntu is wrong to say that Ugandans have remained  a problem in ensuring clean leadership and democracy, and hence vote out Museveni.

Muntu was around before the 2011 Elections when many said no to Engineer Kiggundu as Chairman of the Electoral Commission.  At the end of the day. President Museveni refused to listen and Kiggundu is still in office.

Muntu is aware that the opposition want a number of reforms before 2016, but where is the authority?  It is vested in Museveni.  many people want the Presidential term limits.  There was a private members' bill, what is its fate?

People of sound minds will not take guns at this moment in time.  If this is so, it remains to pray to God that the President heeds to people's cries.  In which case saying that people have not done much id wrong.  We have voter register where ballot stuffing is possible because the Electoral Commission has numbers in excess of the actual voters.  Today, we are witnessing the police saying no to those who want to go and monitor Luwero bi-election.

The Forum for Democratic Change party president, Maj Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu, has said Ugandans have remained a problem in ensuring clean leadership and democracy for failing to exercise their rights to vote out President Museveni.

“President Museveni is not a problem, the problem we have are the citizens who fail to exercise their rights to vote Museveni out of office. It may be because of fear, but it’s not the power of the guns that shall liberate this country, but that of the people,’’ Gen Muntu said, adding that they succeeded in the Luweero Bush War because of the peoples mandate, which he said is also possible in removing Mr Museveni by the ballot.

Gen Muntu, who was on Monday speaking at the launch of the electoral reforms campaign at Ndorwa playgrounds in Kabale Town, also called on Ugandans to emulate their neighbours in Kenya and Tanzania who have strived to have peaceful political transitions

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