Thursday, 8 May 2014


During his tour of Ssingo County (Wednesday and Thursday this week), Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga told his audience that he has collected over shs 3bn towards the reconstruction of Buganda (Kasubi Tombs). It may not been a culture and or practice at Mengo to give out accountability to funds raised, however, for the sake of transparency which the Katikkiro stands for; time is ripe to give accountability for what may be over shs 8bn as of now since the campaign to reconstruct the tombs. It can be remembered that this campaign was started during the time of Katikkiro (Engineer) J. B. Walusimbi (Jr) when over shs 800m was raised and the Katikkiro decided to start work. It is public knowledge that UNESCO has interest in the tombs, and shs 1.5bn was expected from the organization towards the effort. Japan Kingdom came in with shs 1.2 bn to boost the security with installation of high tech equipment after the reconstruction of the tombs. The Government of Uganda came up with shs 2bn which was handed over to the then Katikkiro in a cheque. To the above collection, the Katikkiro says over shs 3bn has been raised since he came to office. The above contributions get to over shs 7bn, which calls for accountability to the general public and international community who have interest.

Secondly, with this type of money, time is ripe to have both a procurement office duly commissioned and a fully fledged audit department at Mengo.

Third, there is concern about the way the likes of John Kiyimba Freeman benefit from the reconstruction roles. Freeman is known as a big businessman in Uganda who is equally an importer. He may have a very big heart for Buganda, but can he do this at the expense of his business empire? It is common knowledge that he travels with Katikkiro wherever the Katikkiro goes to collect ‘tafari.’ Is it possible that Freeman gets payment for this role which can compensate his businesses? There is need to ensure that people don’t take advantage of such roles. I imagine that there must be a big boost which can induce Freeman to move with Katikkiro at the expense of his business empire.


Mayiga said that the fire equipment was donated by the Japanese Kingdom through United Nations Education, and Scientific, Culture Organization (UNESCO) at sh1.2bn for the firefighting gargets. “The fire equipment will be installed by the Japanese as soon as the reconstruction of the tombs is finished,” Mayiga said.

While Ugandans from all walks of life continue to contribute generously to the fund established by the Buganda Kingdom towards the rebuilding of the UNESCO World Heritage Site,
UNESCO will also make a contribution in the amount of US$1 million towards the cause.
Katikkiro highlighted the total amount of money so far collected by the Kingdom whereby UNESCO contributed 53,698,000, Uganda Government, 2 billion shillings, individuals 736,000,000/= other channels 29,181,000 and $500,000 donated by the Japanese Government towards the installation of security gadgets in the tombs while total amount required in 10 billion shillings for the entire reconstruction of all tombs around the Kingdom.

The Katikiro of Buganda Eng. J B Walusimbi, Katikiro said they had already raised 800 million shillings as Buganda Kingdom which they used to renovate the Wamala Tombs where King Suuna was buried. He said culturally, they could not start with Kasubi tombs for the son without renovating the Wamala tombs for the father.

Private Secretary Office of the Katikiro, Arch Jonathan Nsubuga the Project Manager and Eng. H. R. Kibuuka said the 1.5 billion shillings donated by UNESCO will go towards risk management including firefighting.

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