Saturday, 10 May 2014


Time and again I hear announcements on CBS 88.8 FM Radio that people with such and such items should surrender them to Mengo to be part of the Historical monuments or other.  This is not only wrong given that for a person to keep any item, he/she must have attached value to doing so, and to some, such things have historical importance, so it is very wrong for some people in Mengo to seem demanding for these items as if they were kept for safe custody for the Kingdom, which is not so.  Mengo is no poor entity.  It is earning from a number of avenues hence it must pay for whatever it wants from the people.  I have also not understood the strategy Mengo is using to get materials for completing Kasubi and other Tombs.  These items should not be delivered for free.  It is public knowledge that there is money to complete these establishments.  Whoever are involved in the construction undertaking should state the price they are willing to offer for various materials, then those who have them, or those willing to hunt for them can be guided by the quoted price or  negotiate better prices.

Some people are so backward and they assume that we should not come up with ideas to see better management of Buganda affairs.  To me, this is part of backward mentality.  We have people with a lot of ideas and exposure; no one can claim to have monopoly of ideas such that he is left to sink the institution because by virtue of his appointment he is not supposed to be advised.  If the people of Uganda had earlier been called upon to advise Mengo, the developments would be very great.  Everyone sees it as a taboo to advise the leaders, and this is giving opportunity to those who can exploit the vacuum.  I want to repeat in this communication that Buganda should have fully fledged Procurement and Audit departments to be able to undertake serious business.  Where money is involved, never trust anybody.  If a man has assets, he must have used money to acquire the assets, and he will always have a higher affinity to get more assets, that is why the audit and procurement come in as these are the best avenues through which resources can be saved.

The Katikkiro of Buganda has been shown a good gesture by the people of Uganda who have contributed money since he came to office.  While this gesture is good, some people see the continuation of this as a ‘beggar mentality’, though some people disagree.  What has to noted is that before Katikkiro gets to any place, there are mobilizes to see that the locals make contribution.  In economics terms, there is no money which is made to be redundant.  People are now reducing the monies they would have put to other use, while this is not bad, but it is not developmental on the part of those who lose value or property for the purpose.  The better approach as of now is to either open some undertaking like a Buganda Development Corporation.  When a person buys shares in such an undertaking, he is expecting to enjoy some sort of ownership in the undertaking.  While the returns may not be immediate, at least this is the best approach for Buganda as of now.  I pray that the powers that be finally buy this idea.   

When Kabaka went to Kayunga, he said that contributions of money by groups can help in seeing real investments which are job creating.  In light of that statement is how the powers at Mengo should see the innovation of business undertakings where the people of Uganda may buy shares.  There has been a lot of blame to the NRM Government for not creating jobs for the youth.  Mengo can show positive reaction to this problem by mobilizing resources for investment in productive ventures with capacity to attract foreign capital.  A case in point is utilizing land as a resource and use mobilized capital to construct satellite cities.  The returns with time to this type of investment can be great.

We are crying that Hydro power is expensive.  Mengo can encourage the growing of plants out of which a substitute for diesel can be got.  With the oil, the industrialization where unit cost of production will be lower is very possible as compared to instances where the cost of power is prohibitive.  We are aware of the comparative advantage Uganda has in many agricultural undertakings.  Mengo can venture into these and slowly the unemployment will be eased.  I don’t buy the continued blame of the people many of who do not even have the land resource.  This problem can be addressed by the Kingdom when it gets to help those willing to do agriculture by helping them get land which they can pay for gradually as well as get advice on better production techniques so that they produce intensively.  That way, we shall end up with a developing Buganda. 

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