Thursday, 22 May 2014


During the 2011 General Elections, some people were not able to vote after they failed to trace where their names were on the polling days.  It is not clear whether the Electoral Commission takes pride when people look like they were fools on failing to trace their names at the polling stations their names have been appearing before.  The Luwero case where so many turned up and could not trace their names is unfortunate.  It is not clear whether the people who engineer this type of things think they are doing a good job; we are fed up with people who have a backward mentality of not wishing Uganda to progress.  Prior to the 2011 General Elections,  the Electoral Commission had put particulars of the Voters in such a way that one could us the mobile phone to establish the details, unfortunately, at the time of Polling, after the Commission had disorganized people’s names, the facility was not working.  These it is believed are things some people or moles within the Commission do for the sake of ensuring the victory of the NRM.  It is sad what goes on in Uganda.  Assuming the opposition had not deployed much in Luweero, how would things be.  Ugandans are fed up with people who one would think are educated, but when in actual sense they don’t measure up to the task.  I don’t see how a sane person accepts to implement stupid instructions which end up messing up victory of another party.

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