Tuesday, 20 May 2014


When I hear of stories of those who spend resources on bribing voters, I really wish they could refocus their strategies.  Out there are too many children/students failing to go to school because they don’t have fees.  There are so many children/students who attend just part of the school term simply because the school fees is a problem, and when some money is got, shortly after, the children are again sent home.  At University level, a number try out the risk to subscribe for the University courses only for the going to get rough such that they end up leaving before completing their courses.  The biggest difference between children going to school now and some of us who went to school during Amin’s time is that in those days (from the early 1970’s, one needed shs 650 a year for fees in a school like St. Mary’s College Kisubi), the salary earners could on average afford to pay fees from their pay, while as of now the situation is different.  You wonder how a primary teacher can afford to pay fees and the living needs for a child privately sponsored at University.  In 1980, even a nursery teacher could afford to pay for a child at University as a private student.  

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