Saturday, 3 May 2014


One thing I would look forward for is to leave Uganda, not that I don’t love my country, but simply because communication has gone to the dogs courtesy of those who think they are at liberty to run the country as if they were managing a homestead.  It is absurd that I find it very hard to use Internet on my laptop; this leaves me with one option to go to a café!  When I put time on my modem, in an instant it is consumed.  This I believe has been schemed by some people who want to kill freedom of expression.  Until some people in authority in Uganda get back to their senses, our country is to continue going down the drain.  

If a country is really serious and does not want negative publicity, how on earth can the NRM MPs go out openly dishing money whose source is a subject of debate?  Let us be mature people in Uganda.  The regime does certain things which even an infant can see that are not what would be expected in case they wanted popularity and or good publicity.  Do the right things and no bad publicity will be given chance.
Government is busy appealing to Ugandans out there; among whom are Doctors to come back home, but surely, how does a person leave ‘heaven’ and go to the opposite of heaven? Uganda is where Government workers can go for two months or more without pay and there is always an excuse!  Some other party is instead to blame!  The incentives for workers are not there at all, but money to briber voters is always there!  It is one country where someone can send money and you are trailed as there is no privacy, all in the name of regime protection or regime survival!

Given chance or call it an opportunity, Uganda is one country I am ready to leave.  It has simply gone to the dogs.  You can see what is going on in the name of Registration for IDs, surely at this moment in time, is there no way a system can be designed which is not such an inconvenience and time consuming as we are witnessing?  You find LC’s where the Chairpersons are busy selling IDs to those who come to register as if an ID is the one to prove that one is a Ugandan!  In which case, chances of getting non – Ugandans registered cannot be ruled out.

I repeat, only if those in authority get some Holy Spirit to better guide them, Uganda may soon be scraped!  The devil is at work in a number of areas which is unfortunate. It is a sad story.

One time in the course on 2013, a blog I had worked on ( for about a year was deleted in an instant, this was around Easter time.  There was not only a lot of governance issues discussed, but there was a lot of educative material I had taken time to type and post, and someone saw it best to delete it!  Uganda is one country where you cannot be sure that developmental communication will reach where it is supposed to.  There are instances where I have belief that funding meant to boost my efforts has been intercepted, and a number of my emails also deleted.  To all who make life impossible for me, I want to tell you; one day you will be part of the many graves we see, because all of us have to die at one moment or another.  It makes a lot of sense for a person to behave responsibly and prepare better for his/her passing on.  You may make life impossible for a person, but this discredits you.  I thank God for one thing, whenever I know that something is wrong, I don’t do it.  You cannot make me do something wrong either because you are my employer or otherwise.   No way.

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