Tuesday, 13 May 2014


As the Katikkiro of Buganda starts his second year, he needs to learn from history.  The best way you can have a big fall is to follow people blindly.  When people praise you so much, you must be careful as chances of this leading to your downfall are possible.  Many people are not happy with the way Katikkiro has been able to mobilize the masses.  Uganda has such people who easily look to one as a savior, and Katikkiro has to get smart about this development.  Many politicians would wish they were him but unfortunately, they cannot be.  Time is now to move smart.

I wish to advise Katikkiro to change strategy in his second year.  He is bound to collide with some people and it may be difficult to imagine the intensity of that.  He has had opportunity to visit a number of areas in Buganda.  Time is ripe to have those with ’tafari’ to deliver to Bulange, than his having to keep moving to collect this money.  The strategy should now be how to get those people who have not been able to contribute anything because they don’t have income make a contribution in future.  This is the biggest puzzle.  The Katikkiro, like some of our leaders should not assume that youth have land that they are not utilizing.  This needs to be based on facts.  The people Katikkiro should endeavour to interact with most in the 2nd year are those who can offer solutions out of poverty and what can be Buganda Government’s role in this.

It is my humble appeal to the Katikkiro to see sense in what I am advancing.  In Uganda, it is very easy to see oneself high, but there are powers of the Central Government which should not be ignored.  For example we are told that up to now, CBS has not recovered its licence from Government!  Why is this so?  What can Katikkiro do to see this recovered?  It is very important to avoid any situation or statements that can be misinterpreted.  Katikkiro will do great if he concentrates on development of the people of Buganda and shift away from the politics of the day, where there are chances that his statements may be misunderstood and or his intentions.

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