Wednesday, 7 May 2014


It is time up for leaders who keep piling blame on the people of Uganda who are impoverished.  These leaders need to know that the best way to teach people is through being practical.  Many of the people blamed lack exposure and or a hands-on experience. The leaders who come out openly blaming the have-nots need to change tactics.   Instead, they need to get down to earth and induce the poor people into practical productive undertakings; chances are that the impoverished will gradually be uplifted from the appalling status they find themselves in.

Instead of sitting in an air conditioned office and keep blaming people for being impoverished, the leaders need to move to the people, get practically involved, if it is digging with these people, many would be moved by such action.  If a leader announces that all people should be in their gardens on a specific day, and then he goes out to visit them to get better acquainted with their problems, this type of innovation is practical and people can be easily take active part in the undertaking.  Many areas no longer have demonstration gardens.  If such gardens can be encouraged be it in individual people’s holdings, this can be a positive innovation as people can get to pick the innovation when they have had a hands - on experience with it and can easily get to implement it on their own undertakings.

The dishing out of money we currently see is not likely to boost the welfare of the beneficiaries, yet if such money is better focused on specific enterprise management, chances of seeing positive results can better be enhanced.  It is unfortunate that many people look to hand-outs from powers that be, yet if they were practical as backed by their leaders, such money would be well focused say on garden inputs, etc.

It is important to know that a good leader should not assume that he knows it all, but instead should be able to listen and then take the advice given.

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