Friday, 16 May 2014


It is true that humans can be over excited with developments, and, this may be true with Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga who joined St. Mary’s College Kisubi HSC shortly after I had left.  I wish to advise him not only as my OB but also as a person who has made some good understanding of the politics of the day in Uganda. 

I want to repeat that a number of people both in Buganda and out of Buganda are not happy with the developments as regards Katikkiro Mayiga’s mobilization.  The Katikkiro talks as a brave person, but we have seen things happen in Uganda; there is no need to risk, when the chances can be predicted.

Some people out there are asking whether Katikkiro has other intentions.  As a person with delegated authority from the Kabaka, Katikkiro Mayiga should avoid going an extra mile into territory that is suicidal, the making of political statements that may all be interpreted to show him in another light. There are so many forces around that can sabotage what Katikkiro is doing.  The issue of moving around mobilizing money has so many question marks.  In my arguments earlier, I have made a proposal to Katikkiro that funds should be mobilized as shares into development initiatives.  We have to be mature.  There is already worry whether the billions Katikkiro has mobilized cannot be a threat.  The situation is that anybody who commands good cash given how impoverished the people are runs a big risk.

The Katikkiro could be moving with mobilized cash and you end up hearing that thugs ambushed him.  I am asking, why don’t those people who have cash bring it to Mengo? Why should it be a practice for Katikkiro to keep getting the big crowds which attract a lot of attention?  The problem of Buganda is those people who cannot make a living, and this should be Katikkiro’s concern.  Short of that, it is suicide.
The people here can talk a lot, but I understand the developments in Uganda very well.  I wish to appeal to the powers in Buganda to review the strategies being undertaken by katikkiro for the good of the institution.  Mobilizing the money, which in some instances is being forced on people by those who are within their localities will end explosive.
Kindly take my advice.

Proverbs 11:14
Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.

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