Monday, 12 May 2014


I have had opportunity to listen to some of the agriculturally based programmes on CBS 88.8 FM radio.  It is a good innovation to get informed people on agriculture present to the listeners, but one thing has completely failed.  If you ask a listener what he/she has got out of the programme, it is clear that many may not have much apart from admiring the presenter for having talked about himself and his achievements.  I have had opportunity to listen to Mr. Yiga on Sunday mornings from around 7.30 am; unfortunately, he is the type who may leave many of our people more discouraged.  Mr. Yiga may be paying for the airtime, but even then, he should be advised to have a specific focus instead of boosting of his achievements.

Dr. Semambo used to call on CBS and he was focused, unfortunately, his programmes were stopped.  One would consistently get the facts from the Doctor and chances of improving the livestock management were enhanced.  The people who come to CBS should be better coordinated.  I have had opportunity to listen to the Vanilla programme on Saturdays.  I imagine that this programme is educative as it focuses on the management of the enterprise, and boosting its quality.  It is best to assume that our farmers are doing poorly simply because they don’t know.  As a good teacher, a person who comes to the radio should have that in his head.  He should then get to start a well prepared lesson so that by the time he completes it, our poor farmer is shifted to a higher level and eventually our farmers will come up with tangible results.  The CBS programmes could serve as a substitute to the poor extension services in the country.  

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